Navigating the Week: GLB’s Weekly Roundup

Navigating the Week: GLB’s Weekly Roundup

Navigating the Week: GLB’s Weekly Roundup

Support for Representative Cynthia Johnson after she was punished by leadership for response to violent threats. Activists, elected officials, and watchdog groups have expressed outrage that Representative Cynthia Johnson, a Black woman is being punished so harshly for remarks she made on video in the wake of threats to her life. The action by House Speaker Lee Chatfield was especially egregious in light of his utter silence when Johnson was threatened and given the leniency shows to when white male Republicans for their past behavior. Rep. Cynthia Johnson was stripped of her committee assignments in response to comments she made about the violent threats she’s received over her work on the Oversight Committee. Republican leaders say she encouraged violence, although it’s clear in the full context of the video that she did not.

Election officials, volunteers refute voter fraud claims. Longtime state elections director Chris Thomas, who helped organize Detroit’s election system this year, and other workers and volunteers who were present at TCF Center when votes were being counted, spoke before the Senate Oversight Committee this week to stand up to the lies and conspiracy theories being spread about the election. More on their testimony here.

Vitriol against Rep. Johnson prompts deep dive into right-wing media landscape. A piece published by the Michigan Advance this week examines how the video that resulted in Rep. Cynthia Johnson being removed from her committee assignments was cut down, edited, and spread through right-wing circles online. Read the full piece here.

State to perform sweeping audits of the 2020 election. As has always been the plan, SOS Jocelyn Benson and other election officials will perform a robust audit of 2020 election results. More on the upcoming audits here.

Republican lawmakers unwilling to answer election survey. After reaching out to Republicans in Congress and the Michigan legislature with brief questions about their take on election results, the Michigan Advance reported this week that they received responses from only two federal representatives and zero state legislators. More on the survey here.

It’s time for Line 5 to go. An op ed by State Rep. Rachel Hood in Bridge Michigan this week argued the case for shutting down Line 5, citing environmental concerns and emphasizing how easily the pipeline can be replaced as an energy source for the UP. Read her full take here.

Tweet of the Week. State Rep. Laurie Pohutsky blasts Speaker Lee Chatfield’s inaccurate tweets about Rudy Giuliani’s positive COVID results in this week’s Tweet of the Week.


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