Snyder, Trump See Similar Lackluster Favorability

Michigan State University’s latest State of the State Survey saw 51 percent of respondents give President Donald Trump a poor rating, while Governor Rick Snyder’s performance was ranked as poor by 33.7 percent of those same people.

Although President Trump’s favorability rating (those who classified his performance as “excellent” or “good”) is substantially low at 28 percent total, it’s not as low as former President George W. Bush’s last two years in office, which were saw favorability ratings by 20.5 percent and 17.3 percent of respondents, respectively.

Graphic courtesy of MSU IPPSR.

Both former President Bill Clinton and former President Barack Obama left office with substantially better favorability scores at 55.1 percent and 49.6 percent, respectively.

Governor Snyder saw favorability rankings of 29.3 percent – an improvement from the last time the survey was taken but only slightly better than Trump’s favorability. Snyder’s favorability dropped massively in the wake of the Flint water crisis, from 41.8 percent in the summer of 2015 to 25.3 percent in winter 2016. And the fall 2016 State of the State Survey saw that favorability dip slightly to 25.2 percent, so he’s actually seen an increase in favorability rankings by about 4.1 percent.

Snyder’s current favorability ranking is better than former Governor Jennifer Granholm’s last year in office, where she went from 31 percent favorability in 2010 down to 20.7 percent in 2011, but Snyder is well below former Governor John Engler’s favorability when he left office, which was 43.6 percent in his last year.

Breaking out the demographics, 22.8 percent of women surveyed and 33.3 percent of men gave Trump an “excellent” or “good” rating, while Snyder’s favorability from women logged 26.2 percent and 32.5 percent from men.

Both did about the same in terms of favorability from whites and African-Americans: Trump logged supportive ratings from 31.1 percent of whites and 7.7 percent of African-Americans, compared to 31.6 percent of whites for Snyder and 12.2 percent of African-Americans.

Similar trends were seen by political party, where 69.3 percent of those surveyed who gave Trump “excellent” or “good” ratings were Republican; 28.4 percent identified as independent; and 2.7 percent were Democrat. For Snyder, 57.4 percent of Republicans said the governor was doing an “excellent” or “good” job, as did 31.8 percent of independents and 9.2 percent of Democrats.

The survey is done several times a year by the nonpartisan organization. This one sampled 954 Michigan adults between April 19 and July 30, and it has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.17 percent. Among respondents, 75.5 percent were white and 13.4 percent African-American, and 51.6 percent were female while 48.4 percent were male.

Danielle Emerson

Danielle Emerson