Great Lakes Beacon Welcome

Welcome to the Great Lakes Beacon, a news source committed to covering news impacting the lives of everyday Michigan residents. Our goal is to tell the stories of people fighting the good fight, to hold elected officials accountable, and to take a deeper look at how our public resources are being used.

The Great Lakes Beacon is not a replacement for current news publications that do important work every day to inform the people. But as newsrooms and their resources shrink, and the power of the press is limited by those fearing their accountability, it is more important than ever to have an outlet for that information.

A beacon shines a light into the darkness to help weary travelers find their way, and we seek to shine that light on our government so citizens have the knowledge needed to ensure the government remains of, for and by the people. As such, we invite participation from journalists and citizens alike. We seek to be a beacon for the overwhelming issues facing social, economic and racial justice – telling stories that need to be told and lifting progressive values along the way.

Thank you for your interest – let’s get to work.


Great Lakes Beacon